Friday, May 22, 2009

Rain and Mexico!!

I love the rain!! It has been raining in Flagstaff for the last couple of days and I have been soaking it in! The earth smells sooooo good!

I left this morning at 3:45 for the airport. The plane left at 7:45 for San Diego where we (my friend and I) got picked up and shuttled to Tiajuana Mexico. My friend had surgery and just got back to the room about 5 min's ago. Things went well and she is sleeping off the drugs. While she was gone I got brave and went shopping at a little out door mall they have across the street. I didn't get abducted and I managed to find a Burger King and got my self some dinner. FYI the milk shakes taste a lot different. Much sweeter than at home. The television has some english channels and I am now watching Harry Potter. Tomorrow we will hang around here and recover a little from surgery and then Sunday morning we leave for home again.


Talmage and Rachel said...

Oooh. Mexico, sounds fun, especially the shops.

The Grandy's said...

Burger king in Mexico is a VERY bad idea. Just ask Caleb.

Tannis Hine said...

did you have super fun in mexico??? hey i have a new address.. the old one doesn't work.. its :) this is tannis by the way haha