Friday, May 22, 2009

Rain and Mexico!!

I love the rain!! It has been raining in Flagstaff for the last couple of days and I have been soaking it in! The earth smells sooooo good!

I left this morning at 3:45 for the airport. The plane left at 7:45 for San Diego where we (my friend and I) got picked up and shuttled to Tiajuana Mexico. My friend had surgery and just got back to the room about 5 min's ago. Things went well and she is sleeping off the drugs. While she was gone I got brave and went shopping at a little out door mall they have across the street. I didn't get abducted and I managed to find a Burger King and got my self some dinner. FYI the milk shakes taste a lot different. Much sweeter than at home. The television has some english channels and I am now watching Harry Potter. Tomorrow we will hang around here and recover a little from surgery and then Sunday morning we leave for home again.