Monday, February 23, 2009

Out of Surgery!

Ok so Mary Lynne is out of surgery and the doctor said he thinks he got it all and that he hopes he didn't nic the bowels. HOPES!!! What the heck does that mean? Anyway I am sitting at home babysitting when I really want to be at the hospital with my parents and my sick sister.

For any of you who know the Hovers, Rita is in the waiting room with my parents waiting for Tom. He had a heart attack and is having triple bi-pass surgery right now. Prayers would be welcome!

Sick sisters are no fun!

My sister is sick. She came over yesterday early after not sleeping all night because of side pain. It continued to get worse and my mom finally took her to the ER. They ran some blood tests and came back with elevated lipase levels, which means something is wrong with the pancreas. They admitted her and this morning at 4 am they did a CT scan. They found an obstruction in her intestines. The intestines are blocked and starting to wrap around themselves. She is going in for surgery as I am typing this. I really hope all goes well and I will keep you updated.