Thursday, December 4, 2008


So for the first time ever I (Mary Lynne) am actually posting my own blog!!! I have been leaving all the blogging to my wonderful sister who has been keeping any body who cares updated on the events in my life. Well i am just so excited I had to share. Well starting in October I have been having this killer pain in my stomach. When it would hit me I would be one the floor. I had to run out of class a few times and missed quite a bit of work. All of my symtoms sounded like gul bladder but I had many tests done and that was a negitive. I went to different doctors and the ER. no one could figure out what was wrong with me. Well the day before thanksgiving I had my wisdome teeth taken out. Yeah killer mystery pain and surgery. (I was not looking forward to thanksgiving this year) Anyway, the tuesday before thanksgiving I went to one more doctor in hopes that he could just make the pain stop. The nurse had told me when I made the appoiintment that it sounded like gul bladder and to try cutting out fatty foods. I did and the pain lessoned. Made me think again gul bladder right? the spechialest did nothing but charge me money and schedual more tests..... Well the doctor gave me penisilin for my teeth so they would not get infected. by the time I was awake and bbecame able to eat food again the thing I could have was soft food so we tried mashed potatos despite the known fat within. Didn't even think about it I was just hungry. A few days later I realized I had no pian in my tummy. I then finnished my pills and tried some french fry's from BK. and guess what...........NO MORE PAIN!!!!!!! I am cured!!!!and can now eat whatever I want :) just a happy day :) O and I am now employed again and once again realize how middle schoolers can be so mean. I work with a spechial ed kid who has many issues well her class mate are nothing but nasty to her. She reminds me a lot of me at her age and can't stand the kids picking on her so let it be know that I am now standing up for all the fat kids who ever got picked on in middle school....just look at us now right?

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