Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Congratulations!! and other stuff.

A couple of things to post. First I would like to thank Nikki for the cute background. I just can't seem to get the cute ones like she does. So THANKS A MILLION Nikki.

Second, a BIG congratulations go out to Rachel and Talmage today. They had their twins this morning at 5 am. All are doing well I hear, and I hope that continues. I look forward to seeing them. (Does anyone know about the baby shower? Is that still happening this weekend?)

Third, AMANDA COMES HOME TOMORROW!! I have missed my "cousin" so much. I know she was out in the world spreading the truth and that is one of the wonderful things about the church. The fact that they make it possible to spread the gospel and teach so many. I am so proud of her and the choices that she has made, but I am so glad she is coming home too.

Last, I would like to wish a happy holiday season to everyone who reads this. I hope that this season will be filled with friends and family and love. I am so grateful for the savior and the sacrifices that he made for us. I love that we have a special time of year to celebrate him and worship him a little more. Merry Christmas everyone!

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