Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We are MARRIED!! It was a Beautiful weekend and we thank all of you who helped make it so. Everything turned out just the way we wanted! The receptions were both so beautiful! My sister told us she had a gift for us that she was really excited about. I had been racking my brain trying to figure out what it could be. Finally, after all the waiting, she gave us her gift. It was a memory. She hired Trevor Forsman, a young man that she grew up with and won second place in the Arizona Idol competition the weekend before, to come and sing our first dance for us. He had a partner with him and after they finished singing At the Beginning with You, they sang a Trevor original. Oh my gosh, the words are so beautiful and they did such an amazing job singing! I know he will go far with his music. Thank you so much to Mary Lynne! You gave us an amazing memory that will last forever!! We love you!

We are now on our honeymoon in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. It is so green and gorgeous here. We got here Sunday night and went straight to sleep. It had been a long day. We woke up Monday morning and went to the activities center to book some activities to do. We booked a wagon ride/bbq dinner for that night. It was delicious!! Brian wants to go back again tomorrow night just for the food! The ride was fun and after dinner we sang a few songs but the highlight was the food.

My parents gave us a day on a zip line course. We rode the Silverton train about half way up and then we started. They fit us with harnesses and taught us a few safety things and then we were off! While we were eating lunch (which they provide) one of the dogs chased a bear right under us. (We ate up in the trees) I will post pictures that I got of the bear. He ended up climbing the tree we were sitting in and sticking his nose through the slots. He was really cute and I got some good pictures before we had to chase him off. It was a really awesome experience and I HIGHLY recommend anyone who comes to this part of the country (and you all should because it is wonderful) do the soaring. If you want to learn about it, go to soaringtreetopadventures.com A little expensive but worth every penny!!

Brian surprised me with a hot air balloon ride that we will be taking Thursday morning. I am really looking forward to that! We don't really know what else we will plan but I am loving the relaxed nature of this honeymoon and I am mostly loving the time I am getting to spend with my husband. I am learning more and more about him everyday and loving him more and more every minute!

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minmin said...

I love you guys and am so glad you found the man for you. He fits in and is a good man. I am glad I could give you a good start to your lives together. Enjoy the memory because I made it just for you.