Friday, January 16, 2009


Well I am bored. I know that is not a very good reason to blog but maybe I will be able to come up with some interesting things to say.

My "cousin" Alyssa had her baby last week. A little boy named (sorry if I butcher the spelling) Roderick Thane Grandy. I think they are going to call him Thane seeing as Roderick is his dad's name. Anyway congrats to them!

Last week Amanda and Rachel and her babies came to visit us. We LOVED seeing them. The babies are so cute and I was so excited to see Amanda. This was the first time since she got back from her mission. She has not changed and we love her so much. We love the whole family!!

Last night I made dinner for my parents and sister and Brandon. Meatloaf made with croutons, mashed potatoes, salad and homemade rolls. Everyone loved it and I was pretty happy with it myself. My dad says that now I am the dinner maker. He doesn't have to do it now. I don't think that's fair. Just cause I make one good meal doesn't mean that I should cook everyday. Oh well, good thing that I like to cook. I would love any recipes (not too involved) that you all might have. Suggestions are always welcome.

I hope every one is doing good!

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