Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wedding update!

Ok well I think we have decided that she is going to get married in December and then have a reception later in the spring. We are going to have a small close family wedding ceremony and then the reception will be in the spring when we are not worried about snow preventing people from attending, and when it is not so freaking cold.

My parents and I went to Vegas yesterday to attend an orientation for my school. (I now have soooo much to do to get ready but I still can't sign up for classes) After the orientation we went to the strip to Paris to get some pastries that my sister wanted. That is all she wanted us to bring back for her. While we were there we saw that they has wedding chapels in the tower. We went to look and brought home a packet that has all the cool stuff you can have for your wedding through them. My sister and Br
andon love the idea of getting married in Paris and my parents like the idea of having a small wedding and a larger reception later so I think it is working out. Nothing is set in stone yet but that is as far as we have got so far.

This is the dress. What do you think?


ralmagehansen said...

I think that the dress is beautiful. I love the flowers and the red with the white. BTW, Congradulations Minmin. I can't believe your getting married! Wow time flies!

Stacey said...

planning weddings is so fun! I can't wait to see pictures come Christmas time.