Thursday, February 21, 2008

So here I am sitting at home while it is snowing AGAIN. I am so tired of this cold weather and all this snow. I am really looking forward to moving to Vegas where it is warm. I am also looking forward to moving there for a fresh start. I feel like I have been stuck in this rut here and I can't get out. Finally it looks like I will have a chance to move on. I am going to visit this weekend and hopefully check out some places to live. Hopefully there is a board at the institute for roomies wanted. Well I guess it is time to shovel the stinkin driveway. Hey this is a good excuse for hot chocolate! Yumm!!!!

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ralmagehansen said...

You might want to change this into something that is more readable. I am glad that you are looking forward to moving to Las Vegas! I hope you find some good romates, good ones make the world of difference.